Welcome to Ranvays Power Controls  

Power Control Equipment, from which experience the present RANVAYS POWER CONTROLS has emerged, is a unit experienced in the field of HT and LT panel supplies. This has supplied equipments to the following major clientele to their satisfaction. The experience goes back to over 30 years.

Hence RANVAYS POWER CONTROLS, with the basic vast experience will be capable of catering to wide range of clients whose requirements are varied in nature. read more

Fabrication Philosophy

Panels are manufactured under two types of fabrication namely

  • Welded Panel Construction
  • Bolted Panel Construction

Welded panel construction uses cutting, bending, trimming and welding of sheets to specific requirements. Cutting & bending are done on CNC machines for specific requirements of customers. These are used on specific sheet frames or angles, as per requirement and welded for sturdiness. Hinges which can be removed are welded on to the frames and doors. Industrial locks are used for securing the doors. General Panel construction will be for flush mounted doors. When specifically required protruding doors and hinges with door lift-off facility can be provided. Suitable gaskets of synthetic rubber material or any other specific material required by the customer can be provided. Panels are manufactured generally to IP-42 construction. read more