Controls and relay panels for 33, 66, 110, 220 and 400 KV Muss

Please find hearing photo of a C&R panel where in various parameters such as current, Voltage and power are metered thro field CT’s and PT’s.
In the field we find 3 CT’s on 3 limbs spaced for voltage clearance, separately brought to CT and PT junction boxes from which hey are wired to C&R panels through 4-6 sq mm standard copper cable. CT’s and PT’s are catering all types of protection such as Follows

  • Distance Protection
  • Differential Protection
  • Restricted E/F protection
  • over current/earth fault protection
  • Directional current protection
  • over/under voltage protection
  • DF/DT frequency protection
  • Over flux is protection.
    And the like as is required

All circuit breakers and  isolators are Controlsed from these CR panels and suitably metered as per requirement.