Indoor and Outdoor Bus Ducts

Along side we find a connected outdoor type bus duct in the field. We have designed and erected the same.TPN bus duct and TP bus ducts are designed by us in the conventional fashion for LT and HT bus ducts. We manufacture segregated or non segregated bus ducts both on HT and LT versions. For outdoor use a, hood is provided out door bus ducts are specially treated for atmospheric hazards and enclosure designed for outdoor use. We manufacture both aluminum and copper bus ducts .Generally we use a 14SWG ms sheet for enclosure the design is generally for 50KA for 1 minute. However this does not apply to bus raises. We supply and erect (our bus ducts) bus ducts by suitable designed supports.

We don’t manufacture sandwich bus ducts.

End connection in the form of flexible copper or aluminum strips or copper braided tape can be supplied with bus ducts when needed.

End bellow type bus enclosure could also be supplied in special cases.
Our design does not need a bend or t-joint. However if needed they can also be supplied.

Adopter boxes both at panel and/or transformer end can be supplied.