Power Controls System

These Panels distribute the Transformer /DG supplied Power to various Load Centers Form a Master Controlss to such Distribution and Sub- Distribution Board.

Some types of PCC are as:

  • Circuit breaker Panel in single or Two tier Formation
  • SFU/MCCB’s in multi tier Formation
  • Combination of both.

They are provided with suitable mechanically and/ or electrically interlocks to achieve various complicated forms of supplies.

Some types of PCC’s are illustrated in the accompanying photographs. Most important of the lot could be double bus bar panel which is very versatile in the use of DG/EB supply very effectively at will. Such panels can be offered as manually/remote operation by use of motorized changeover switches, electrically operated ACB/MCCB/Contactors. This entire panel uses changeover arrangement for pickup of supply from EB to DG or vice versa. Here some of the load could be running on EB and some on DG at the same time. This may help for specialised Load to run on DG and others on EB. When Power cuts are instituted by electricity authorities such panels help a lot. We manufacture Dupleix and Walk way panels also.

Metering of such panels and feeder interlocking can be done as per customer needs. For Details of Interlocks, we may be personally contacted. Any type Castell Interlock or Rope Type Interlock or Self-Contained Mechanical Interlocks could be instituted.

The mimic diagrams of PCC/MCC could also be developed using Semaphores/lamps. We always use Class 1 CT’s for metering with adequate VA capacity depending upon the meters put in series. We use 5P10 or 10P10 CT’s for protection of relays. Where restricted Earth Fault or Differential Relays are concerned, we use Class PS CT’s wherein mention of knee point voltage and the no load current at knee point voltage will become mandatory.

Controls and Relay Panels for use on 66KV, 110KV, 220KV and 400KV circuit breakers are manufactured as per customer’s specific requirements.

Controls Panels for special applications in cement mills can be supplied with due interlock for the flow of materials such as Tripping of the supply of material on main side feeder to stop material clogging can be supplied.

Kiln Controls Panels with heat sensing probes, meters and trip Controlss can be provided.

Lightening arrestor and Voltage Transformers for use in generating station can be supplied for both HT &LT requirements.

Neutral grounding resistor panel can be supplied as required for generator and special transformer earthing with proper isolation facility.

Turbine Auxiliary Controls Panel to specific requirements can be supplied.

LT Distribution Panel of various varieties as required by customer can be supplied.

Auto Synchronizing Panel with Load Sharing and AMF arrangement can be designed and supplied using various relays available. In this case manual synchronisation provision is mandatory. Neutral isolation by the way of neutral contactor is also mandatory.

Panels using ACB’s for incomers and Bus Couplers with suitable inter locks can be supplied. This is done both on HT & LT.

Other products under manufacture.

  • Metering Panels for multi storied Buildings
  • Capacitor Controls Panel for Both HT & LT
  • LT & HT Isolated/non-isolated, Outdoor or Indoor bus ducts can be supplied in the standard format. [we do not manufacture sandwich bus ducts]
  • Soft Starters in place of Conventional Contactor starters can be supplied.
  • Controls Desks as well as PLC aided Controls arrangement can be given.
  • HT & LT metering cubicles to electricity authority requirement.

These are elaborated else where

All the above enumerated items are supported by photographs in the following pages with short notes.

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